Our Team



Throughout Long Beach, we’re asking community members like yourself to participate in this initiative. Your input is key! Without it, we simply can’t understand or identify the many places in Long Beach that our community values, and act appropriately to ensure that our City documents and resources include language and measures to acknowledge the value of those places.


Neighborhood leaders throughout Long Beach have been invited to serve as ambassadors for this effort. As ambassadors, these Long Beach residents are inviting their neighbors to attend community events centered around the update to the citywide Historic Context Statement, and are encouraging their neighbors to take part in related surveys and information gathering efforts.


The City of Long Beach Department of Development Services, Planning Bureau is responsible for overseeing historic preservation in the city. Their staff works closely with the City’s Cultural Heritage Commission to manage change to historic places and landmark new resources, and as such they’re also the department overseeing the update to the citywide Historic Context Statement.


In addition to City staff and ambassadors, the City of Long Beach has engaged two professional consulting firms to assist in this effort. Rincon Consultants is conducting research, information management, and the re-writing of the citywide Historic Context Statement. Meanwhile, Keaotamai, LLC is helping the City ensure that community engagement efforts as part of this update are inclusive, fun, and productive.