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Using this form, tell us about a place you’d like our team to consider as we create a more comprehensive and inclusive Historic Context Statement.

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Address of the Place you'd like to Submit
Please be as precise as possible in your submission. If you don't now the exact street address, submit the closest intersection.
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Helpful Tips:

  • Submit as many places as you like! There’s no limit.

  • You can submit any place that you feel has been important throughout your time as a Long Beach resident. Places can be used for any purpose, and can be in any neighborhood throughout Long Beach. Tell us about a home, restaurant, store, factory, office, school, park, and something else you love!

  • Please only submit places within the boundaries of the City of Long Beach.

  • You do not need to own the building or site you share with us.

  • Anyone can submit this form! Addresses and sites submitted will simply be investigated as part of our mission to learn more about our City’s neighborhoods and its architecture as we revise the City’s Historic Context Statement. Properties will not receive any type of protection (e.g. historic landmark designation) as a direct outcome of your submission.

See which sites have been submitted!

The map below shows sites that have been submitted to-date by residents as part of this initiative.

Important Note: Sites identified on this map or collected in any way as part of this initiative are documented because they represent valuable public opinion. However, no city action, government action, or commitment of a property owner is indicated or represented in any way through their recording or display.